July 6, 2012

a+ get well package

as per my post beirut ritual, my body decided to rebel and had to fall mercy to the drip. apparently i drank too much according to doc but what does he know. anywho, i have to say after a couple days of hating the sight of food, my appetite was much more civil after i received this special get well delivery from dxb. i've never attempted something like this, i've always believed my company would be enough to remedy someone's illness (not haughty, just hopeful) slash i'd probably make them feel worse if i attempted to cook. some people go out of their way, others just don't. it really does make a difference tho, especially when you feel like you're about to keel over cuz the thought of drinking water feels like drudgery. either way, my tummy is happy. thanks mo! so if you know someone who has been feeling the wrath of a sensitive stomach/poisoning make sure you try this and include:
1. chicken broth (skim off the fat)
2. fluffy white rice (includes a lot of rinsing apparently)
3. moist mashed potatoes (umm.. just make sure they're always covered with water i presume)
4. soft carrots (add some cinnamon for a kick)
5. saltine crackers
6. rice thins
7. red and yellow gatorade
8. get well flowers
9. a get well card

and there you go, officially a good samaritan.


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