July 24, 2012

a day in egham

we started the morning with a 5k jog around a beautiful lake both in our zaggora pants. i went with my childhood friend hana -we didn't think it was possible at first, but we did it. well hana was a great motivator with her smart use of words "how about a SHORT jog." i fell for it every time. they were never short. it was all worth it at the end; beautiful weather, smiley faces and adorable puppies.
meet taha and hana, childhood friends and family.

we then enjoyed a delicious bbq in the garden with our parents.
of course i had my eye on the chicken. it was perfect.
never a bbq without mustard and ketchup!
 then we ended the night in staines with a lot of candy, popcorn and BATMAN, which i actually really liked. i got a bit restless considering it was more than 2 hours!! but it was worth it at the end. i have to say, staines at night seems like the place to be when you're 12 - 17. you should have seen how they were dressed, i assumed it was a trashy prom night. all that matters is that they think they're the shit. 

embarrassing moment of the day: of course only i would refer to the resto "slug and lettuce" as "SLAG and lettuce" to the very respectable flight attendant on the way to SAN FRANCISCO. we were having an in-depth talk about life, as i usually get myself into with strangers, then realized we were both at staines at the same time and started discussing places around there. he was nice enough to pretend it was actually called "slag and lettuce."  i definitely wouldn't have reacted the same way. why would anyone name a place to eat slug and lettuce anyway???

 xx penguina

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