July 19, 2012

a tuna steak to love

 very excited to devour.

yesterday i was able to fully enjoy london's gloom and rain that i crave so much in the uae. if it were up to me there would be a couple mandatory days/nights of rain,lightning and thunder, no electricity, just candles and good company. unfortunately, my abilities are limited. in any case, i got around to exactly what i wanted, walking, eating and catching up with friends. we pretty much spent the day @ jaks. of course we did, we're filthy arabs who enjoy their comfort zone as well as complaining about it. i'll have to blame myself because i've been craving their tuna steak for a while now, and when i crave i need to satisfy, or i'm not a happy cookie.
the illustrious tuna steak with a very generous helping of spinach and tabbouleh with quinoa. 

the steak was a bit on the dry side but i didn't care, i just wanted it in my tummy. it's not fishy at all, whatever sauce they use is genius. my friend aiysha opted for the vanilla cupcake after, i was never a fan of vanilla icing, so it wasn't really my thing. they do however have a variety of desserts that i really try to avoid making eye contact with for fear of succumbing to the seduction. apparently i have to try their cheesecake, it was the only cake they kept restocking literally every hour. i'm certain that "next time" will be much sooner than later.

happy thursday foodies!

xx penguina

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