July 17, 2012

goodbye dubai

i spent yesterday on edge dreading the thought of needing to postpone my flight to london. for the record don't attempt to renew your residency a day before leaving unless you want to risk missing your flight. never something i want when it means more time in this heat. in my defense i'm not the one who deals with it. note: always check expiration dates. i'm now 25 (not sure how that happened) and daily realize something new i need to start being responsible for. boo. what happens when we have children? speaking of those little ones, the reason i'm itching to escape is to get to san fran where my sister-in-law is due any day now! not sure how to contain my excitement of having an ickle nephew to make as weird as me. 

luckily i woke up to great news - my residency was renewed. likewise, so were my energy levels, which prompted me to have somewhat of a productive day from a more shallow angle. i managed to get what i needed from the tailor, i love him he works magic. i worked out ie. walked on the treadmill in my new zaggora pants (check them out- they're supposed to make you burn more - sweet!). i think they're actually a health hazard in the uae though. i then attempted to tan and failed. it lasted 15 minutes. so much more to do and i'm a little scared of packing, but at least i have the necessities ready:
1. passport
2. ipod
3. new book to read
4. big red

i'm set.


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