July 22, 2012

le week-end

what's my favorite thing to do when i'm in a city? walk. living in the united arab emirates where neither the weather nor the roads permit a safe pedestrian experience has made my legs forget their ability to transport me to distances that extend more than a block and a half.

i live in a country that basically has bearable weather for four months of the year; where my idea of a long walk is pretty much a total of 15 steps i.e. zara to massimo dutti in the mall of emirates, and where a hike is from gallery lafayette to social house in dubai mall. so looking back on the past week, i'm not sure how i walked an average of 5 hours a day. my feet hate being around me right now. sucks for them. i have to say tho that i can't complain much, the weather was divine and everyone seemed to be in happy spirits (except a librarian at the v&a going up for token anal grump of the year)
meet shaden (left) yazzy (right). yazzy's visiting as well from dubai. she's really weird but whevs... i've known her since we were in middle school and she knows everything about me so i have to be nice. i guess :)
we got a bit too excited on the spindle chairs at the V&A. i think we were under the impression that we're much smaller than we are. i'd rather keep it that way.
i got so excited to walk into a proper library. yazzy thought we should act natural. this is probably the most UNNATURAL photo you'll ever see of us.

*if there was a campaign on the dangers of sexual frustration she'd be the face of it. 

she never got enough love; ergo the stone cold life. i'd still rather be a statue than the librarian.

yazzy made me walk everywhere on friday. we definitely passed the 5 hr mark that day. for some reason, i find walking in a park incomplete without a canine companion, n'est-ce pas?

how to be comfy on the streets.
 lunch at mediterraneo in notting hill on saturday was so satisfying i can't even begin to explain. italian food at its finest. it's my second time there and definitely a place worth eating at. my friend had veal with some sort of a truffle sauce... i don't even know how to describe it because it was so good. i made sure to steal a good amount of the sauce for my chicken tee-hee. it was like an amazing meal and dessert in one. please go.

a london sunset. 

after walking and shopping, then walking and shopping some more, i finally came home and hung out with a friend. i was completely exhausted - i didn't even bother moving to the bed from the couch when i passed out.

i hope you all had a fun & active weekend!

xx penguina

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