August 13, 2009

The Astronomer

An absent minded astronomer was interested in nothing but the stars. Every night he would go out and study them in the sky.
One evening he was walking along as usual, his head in the air and his eyes fixed on the stars He did not notice that there was a deep well in front of him. As he made his way along, he suddenly tripped and fell into the well.
"Help!" he shouted. "Help me someone!"
He sat at the bottom of the well, soaked to the skin and calling for help. A passer-by heard his shouts and peered down the hole at him.
"Please help me," begged the astronomer. "I was so busy looking at the stars, I did not notice this hole."
"That's your fault," the passer-by told him. "You should have looked where you were going."

Moral: It is no use fixing our minds on higher things if we ignore what is going on around us.

What an a-hole passer-by...

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