August 8, 2009

Local Playwriting Competition

I thought I'd start updating my blog with entertainment news that goes on around the UAE. If anyone happens to know of anything interesting please let me know!
In order to celebrate their 25th anniversary this December, the Dubai Drama Group is holding a playwriting competition called Act Up! to attract talent with an interest in theatre to come up with either a monologue, 2 person scene or one act play. The specs include a maximum of 4 characters, scenes or monologues to be 5 minutes, while full one act plays can be 15 minutes in length. The theme involves life in the UAE be it local or expat life.
The winning entry will receive extra recognition on the evening of the performances so it's a great way to get exposure, who knows what opportunities can arise out of it!
Deadline for submissions is before the 28th of August. For more info check out the site at

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