August 30, 2009

i-Phoners n' Touchers Text Your Hearts Out!

I'm sure there are probably a number of texting apps already out there for the iTouch but I just found out about textPlus brought by the Gogii platform. Looks like an easy app that should be checked out.
Gogii (Go-jee) comes up with innovative ways to text using the web. textPlus can be used by the iTouch and the iPhone, offers the option of writing texts unlimitedly in landscape mode, always notifies users about incoming texts and is private (it better be). Users can send texts over wifi, no 3G required. You can even create an instant chatroom and text with several people all at once - I don't think this is an option on the iPhone.
And yes... *drumroll* it's all free! Knock yourselves out at

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