August 14, 2009

Chai Haleeb

(Dedicated to Lulu)

Let me describe the most delicious, soothing tea.

Originating in India and being adapted by the Ayrabs, Chai Haleeb (which literally translates to "milk tea") is a warm treat at any time. Not only does it have a cozy smell of rich spice, but when you sip it you're met with the taste of milky sweetness and spice that always brings back good memories, given you drink it when you're happy :) Make it a rule...

Chai Haleeb was such an integral part of my college years, I remember having it every single day at one point; after dinner, at 5 am, for breakfast. It just didn't get old.. until it did.. but I still love it!

Ingredients for the potion:

Music: In the Waiting Line - Zero 7
Mood: lounging.
- 2 - 4 black tea bags
- 2 cups water
- 2 cups milk (or more depending on how you like it)
- 3 - 4 cardamom pods
- pinch of cinnamon
- pinch of ground fennel seeds
- one of those little bags you can put spices in because chewing the spices isn't fun

Heat the hot water on a saucepan with the tea bags, lower the heat and add the milk and spices, make sure the milk doesn't overheat because then it sticks to the pan and gets a bad taste. Keep stirring it, keeping an eye on it until it gets a brownish color from the tea and milk, and taste it to make sure the spices are to your liking. Add as much sugar as you like, the sweeter the better!

Not to be compared to the chai latte at Starbucks thank you.

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