August 20, 2009

Sex + Saudi = Sensitive Subject

Unless you're referring to ones gender... sex & Saudi are as attracted to each other as two repelling magnets (on the surface). Unfortunately, a 32 year-old Saudi Airline employee didn't get the memo and thought it cute to speak freely on the famous television network LBC about sex, his sexual experiences (yes he surprisingly had quite a few), and erotic toys. While I bet his sexual exploits only involved his "toys," I think he could have kept that bit to himself. Saudi authorities closed the LBC office in Saudi for broadcasting this interview that offended many and the "sex braggart" is currently detained, which is probably safer. I hope he sleeps with one eye open.

Friendly advice... because I'm nice: Please do not take it upon yourself to open the minds of Arabs, especially not in Saudi where showing off as much as a finger can cause a riot.

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