August 12, 2009

Reasons to take a Gap Year

- The whole experience thing: all that "extra perspective"

- Seeing the world: it really is a big place... too big to rely on paid vacations

- Getting over your fear of spiders, heights, strangers, curry...

- Strengthening your skills.. or for some of you gaining skills

- It's fun!

- "Finding yourself"

- Helping someone else out by volunteering... really it's the least you can do if you're not working...

- Who's hiring?!


- Go on your gap year with a mission to find Mr or Mrs... or Mr and Mrs Right, because you will be disappointed...

- Spend a month somewhere and pretend to be from there (you know who you are)

- Get stuck in the gap

And you know what, our parents should fund it, considering it's their generation thats to blame for this useless economy.

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