August 21, 2009

رمضان كريم: Ramadan Kareem: Time to Detox

It's that time of the year when the sound of a cannon brings comfort rather than fear. That time when some people find peace within, and others frustration. For 1 whole month Muslims all over will fast from dusk to dawn to feel with the poor and learn to be more grateful. For the devout Muslims, they'll be glad to surrender themselves even further to God while the not so devout Muslims will consider it a stressful month of abstinence. To try to make themselves feel better they'll consider it the detox they were meaning to get around to.
Cons of Ramadan:
- Not eating, even if you're not fasting you can't eat in public.
- The one time of the year lots of people will practice the religion.
- How does the comfort of a feast at dusk make you feel with the poor?
Pros of Ramadan:
- People are so much more giving, and actually go out of their way to do good!
- Families get together more.
- So much good food (I really don't think I'm biased when I say Middle Eastern food is the best).
- All the fun late night gatherings.
- Mint tea
- Dates
- Even if it's just this one month when a person prays, it's a very peaceful and satisfying month.
All in all, I'd say the pros beat the cons. However, it's really a time that should be experienced in an Arab country, to fully understand and appreciate it's importance.
*So Ramadan Kareem to Muslims all around the world, I hope it's special in every way and that its pros beat it's cons for you*

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