August 16, 2009

Taking Advantage of What's Free

I know they say money talks, but what happened to using your own voice, will anyone listen? I couldn't help but be amused by this picture a friend sent me. She came across this man in Boston, holding a sign saying "Will talk about anything FREE," proving that in some places it's still possible to find a conversation for free and just because!

I know we don't need to pay someone to listen to us, but I'll take it as a direct metaphor that we do. Is everyone really so consumed with their own lives that the only way we can get a friend to really talk to us is when they need something, we have something for them, or when it's our birthday... and they haven't gotten us a gift? Maybe that's why the demand for psychiatrists has gone up. Seems sad, but true.

The funny thing is, I wonder how many people actually do have a conversation with him. I doubt many people are comfortable talking to someone they don't know, unless they ARE paying him, because unfortunately money does set the standard. People will either be thinking a) Creep b) Free? Never. Unless we're referring to the air we breathe, there's a twist.

Sometimes I actually find it impossible to steal a smile from a passerby, and we all know what a simple smile can do. Share yours, for free, and I'm sure you'll create the right domino effect :)

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