March 29, 2012

TGITW finally!

i never thought i'd get busier living in abu dhabi, but somehow it actually happened. how is it thursday already?! not complaining either way. i'm about to leave to dxb for a photoshoot, which i'm really looking forward to, and then i'll be traveling to amman for the weekend! very excited to see my family there, except i hear it's cold. i really just want to tan before the heat becomes unbearable. we probably have a month for that and any tanning opportunities are pretty much ruined by the weather. when is this cloud of dust gonna peace out? hopefully when i'm back i can concentrate on the little things like organizing/redecorating my room. i seriously feel like my life's moving on fast forward. i also feel like this just turned into a therapy session; i'm fiiiiine i swear. lol. <--- i think that's the first time i use lol on my blog. i never approved of it before. it's weird though, i use "lol's" when i'm not really laughing. am i actually analyzing this? i'm not writing anymore.

i hope you all have a fantabulous weekend and drink LOADS... of water too :) happy thursday!

xx penguina

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