April 2, 2012

why not?

When it comes to our love lives, we're either involved with someone or we're not. Some of us are happy in relationships, some are miserable and hoping the attachment wanes away on its own (fyi worst situation, sucks for you guys). In my opinion, the most preferable status to be in when you don't want to commit but wouldn't mind some playful fun is a flirtationship.

So... a flirtationship... pretty much a rapport with someone with a lot of fun flirting and such, for a period of time. No commitments, and if any attachment is developed, the person should deal with it on his/her own, don't make the situation sticky for the other person involved.

It's not for you if you:
  1. are a hopeless romantic
  2. are traditional at heart
  3. are in a vulnerable point in life
  4. sleep with rollers in your hair
  5. forget how to utilize your rational mind a lot
  6. think too much
  7. take yourself too seriously (loosen up peeps, no one really cares that much)
  8. suffer from acute anxiety
  9. take photos of your abs on your phone to "stumble upon" by mistake when you're with the girl (honestly... don't even know what to tell you. Refer to #12)
  10. never got enough love from people
  11. have ocd/ are an intense perfectionist (there's a minimal amount of perfectionism that can still work to your advantage)
  12. have way too many insecurities; not getting into specifics, the scale is "a little," to "way too many," (you should be somewhere in between)

The rules:
  1. be straightforward from the beginning and genuinely understand the contract: this is not a relationship.
  2. don't over analyze anything.
  3. be aware that feelings will most likely evolve, BUT that doesn't mean it's moving towards a relationship.
  4. convo doesn't need to get too heavy, but if it does, consider the situation moving towards a better friendship rather than a relationship.
  5. be aware that when/if feelings evolve someone will most likely get hurt, but enjoy the hurt; after all, you put yourself in this position.
  6. the second one of you gets bored or loses interest, be completely honest, the other person has no right to get mad or be dramatic.... in front of you.
  7. no need for intense pride, take this as an opportunity to be as straightforward as you want, you don't need to work your ass off trying to act like you don't like the person that much, you've already covered rule #1.
  8. respect at all times.
  9. no need for loyalty.
  10. no need to worry about impressing the person for a potential future together, if it's to add spice to the future of your flirtationship sure, (not that i think it can last too long - one or both of you will eventually get bored and want something/someone else). i.e. showing them how good you are with children is not necessary.
  11. don't assume the other person is starting to like you more because of things that are said or done, until the person actually says "I want more" don't make it awkward for the both of you and back off out of the blue. The other person might just be enjoying the idea that they can act cute and cuddly with a person and not have to worry about any commitments. Also, some people are just naturally very caring people (with everyone), if the other person is being sweet don't give yourself that much credit. 
  12. when it ends, share a hug and look forward to the next.
  13. HAVE FUN!!!

happy flirting xx


  1. I like Pingu! Will help clear a lot of things for a lot of people. Love Rules 3 and 8. God bless =)

  2. Merci Moosie xx haha yeah fun times need no thought

  3. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. I have so many favorites on your blog, but this is way way up there.

  4. Such a great compliment, thank you Nadia!!