March 25, 2012

le week-end

other than eating and an occasional hour or two at night to spare with friends, most of my time on thursday and friday was spent on the set of a short film i'm in. i won't be able to give away any info until it's out. i had posted a couple photos but needed to take them down oops.  
i was lucky to be staying on the promenade right next to my fave spot, Baker & Spice. i wonder if it'll ever open in abu dhabi. #wishfulthinking. my experience with food in abu dhabi this weekend: Olea at the St Regis Hotel on saadiyat island... i wouldn't go again. 

random realizations
- i freak out about losing my phone at least 4 times a day, only to find out i'm either sitting on it, or that it's in my bag.
- i feel like i will have spent 70% of my life untangling my iPod's headphones.
- i don't think i can ever love a gum flavor as much as BIG RED.
- even though i've been brought up in a house of tech geeks and constant updates of electronic gadgets, my dad will never understand that he can talk at a normal volume when he's on an international call or on Skype. 
- napping is so underrated.
- i want a cat.

i hope you all had a ravishing weekend!

xx penguina

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