March 14, 2012

back in the UAE

aaaand I'm still recovering from that 16 hr direct flight from LA. i'm definitely one of the few who'd rather layover and get a good break between flights. the plane food wasn't great and of course i got sick (very normal for my weak stomach). luckily i had a bag stuffed of my fave Luna Bars, but even then you need proper food. i was entertained by the guy sitting next to me. he was one of those really buff dudes and couldn't sit still; every move he made was so forceful and aggressive i actually thought he wanted to break the remote before i got used to his mannerisms.

i decided to take a break from the current book i'm reading and picked up The Hunger Games to see what all the fuss is about. it's a quick read... or the plane ride was just really long. if you don't read much i wouldn't go for it, considering it'll be out on the big screen soon, but if you want a fluffy read, why not, it's pretty intense and made me very hungry... 

whenever i spend time with my bro and sis-in-law i always get in the groove of some latin tunes since she's Colombian. i really forgot about music videos though. some songs should only be listened to... i didn't let myself watch the whole thing. either way, it reminds me of the trip and makes me miss them way too much! 

it's so good to be back though! there's so much to get done here, have no clue where to start :)

xx penguina

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