March 7, 2012

this is how my mind feels

when i can't seem to slow my thoughts down. unfortunately our mind doesn't have any speed radars randomly fixed and you just have to calm your illuminated mind and live more in the present:
how do you do that? it's so easily said, but no one really addresses how to go about it.

1. take notice of the world around you by always trying to find something beautiful.

2. focus on whatever you're doing cuz no matter what there's probably always some commentary going on in the back of your mind. let it go, and pay attention to your senses. how does whatever you're doing feel, smell, look, sound (please don't try to taste everything) but you get the point.

3. smile when you wake up; think of at least 10 things you are grateful for (write a list to refer to), and imagine that with every deep inhale of positivity, you let out negativity, and picture a big lit up circle of positivity surrounding your body and seal it to protect your positivity.

4. commit random acts of kindness; always stay aware for ways you can make a difference in someone else's life. even if it's just a simple compliment :)

5. minimize activities that dull your awareness of the moment; don't waste your time watching tv or daydreaming. zone in to whatever you're doing. play a game, or an instrument.

6. be thankful for what is; rather than wishing for something you don't have in your life, start off by being grateful and thankful for what you do have. you don't wan to miss the gifts in front of you because you're always living in the past or future. 

i hope that helped.

xx penguina


  1. love this! have you heard of Thich Nhat Hanh? He is a buddhist monk and the author of a beautiful book called 'Being Peace'. It's a short, beautiful book that deals with living in the moment (which he calls mindfulness) I think you'd enjoy it, May.

  2. Ooh no I haven't but I'm going to get it :) thanks Aysha xx