March 27, 2012

happy birthday, mr president..

a couple friends have convinced me to start watching SMASH, an upbeat perspective on bringing a broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe to life. i've only watched two episodes but i'm liking it!

 note: it's not for those of you who feel the slightest bit nauseus by random breakouts of song and jazz hands. 

i've always loved watching the whole idea of letting us live through the producers and the actors simultaneously. the music and dancing are especially fun to watch. every now and then i'll get an urge to jump up and dance, but of course i suppress it otherwise i'd probably have no one to watch it with anymore. Katherine McPhee (did she win on american idol?) is truly talented and beautiful. hate her a little. whats sort of annoying is why they always tend to make the rookie so innocent! nervous i get, but that whole innocent card is overly played. i'm assuming she'll be shedding it as the show progresses. thoughts on the show anyone?

happy tuesday songbirds xx

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