March 15, 2012

TGITW: a Jill Scott kinda wknd

you woo me, you court me, you tease me, you please me 
you school me, give me things to think about 

invite me, you ignite me, co-write me, you love me, you like me 
incite me to chorus 

da da da da da da da da. i love jill scott's music. how s e x y is this song? makes you feel so coy and playful (talkin to the ladies out there... but i mean, open to everyone).

i'm currently at the caribou coffee in souk al bahar, never realized what a chill atmosphere it has. i hope you all had a great week. i'm glad i sorted out my jet lag situation within the first couple days. (just don't sleep on the flight). nothing more inconvenient than jet lag fatigue on the weekend. 
despite moving to abu dhabi, i have to say i love being in dubai when the weather is great. i.e. now. enjoy it fast because it's gonna change in no time to suffocation. 
i attended such a lively and chic event yesterday at the ritz in difc hosted by expose and i love being around good music, good company and getting expose-d (pun intended). like i always say, i'm not always up to date with fashion trends, i prefer whatever feels comfy and outfits that suit my body, but it never hurts to get a bit of insight every once in a while. 

i spotted a baker and spice at al manzil right across the street and think i noticed a couple extra dishes - thinking of sneaking a bite in. if you haven't tried their food yet, it's time. such yummy, organic food full of flavor (to all you people who think healthy food is bland). another thing, taste of dubai is taking place this weekend, and next week you have the option of diving into a pool of art at art dubai. so be sure to get your tickets for both events, i'm sure they'll kick ass. enjoy the sun!

xx penguina

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