March 7, 2012


just for 10 seconds put yourself in the shoes of a person living in Uganda. the fear, the pain, the suffering, the loss, the devastation, the grief, the longing, the dreams, the wishes, the tears, the numbness, the will to die. how would we ever understand the magnitude of those feelings? we can't. the brevity of human life is at an extreme here.

with only the small percentage we are fully aware of, it will never be enough to understand their true suffering. their lives take "life's not fair" to an absurd level that no one should ever have to endure.

it's impossible not to cry, smile, get goosebumps and cry some more if you watch the entirety of this video. i see how despite what i thought i knew, of the abuse and destruction in Uganda, i knew absolutely nothing. it pains me to think i wake up in a comfy bed, contemplate which new place to eat at and what new sights to see, when someone somewhere else is worrying if he'll live another day. do my inner struggles even involve anything more than what to wear to suit the weather, or if i'm in the mood to work out or not? i'm so grateful that i was able to learn more through this. it makes you really put your life into perspective. something we need to do daily.

no sane person will ever be able to watch this and not be touched by its power.

i really wish we all make that difference.

xx penguina

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