May 9, 2012

TGITW: morning eye twister

holy shiiiiii it's already the weekend! bet you'll all be doing your happy dance around the office today. as for me, i was supposed to try circuit factory yesterday and missed it because of traffic, which i was secretly happy about. i decided to go today at 8:30am since i'm pretty adamant about trying it. i'm lucky i have such good friends who went yesterday AND are coming today without much convincing. i've been building my stamina pretty well so i'm hoping i don't end up passed out on the ground at any point. for those of you who don't know, circuit factory is NOT a happy place. but it pays off :p

i leave you with a little eye twister. 
can you guess what it is? please don't comment and give it away when you do, thaaaanks.


xx penguina

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