May 21, 2012

FIT BODY: are you ready to dig deep?

have any of you come across the insanity workout yet? maybe if you're part of the p90x cult you might have, otherwise i don't know many people who have. a friend of mine mentioned it to me and it looks prettay insane. trained by shaun t (who?), the key to this workout is that it's all about "max interval training" - so long intervals of maximum training followed by short intervals of rest. 

alternating between aerobic and anaerobic intervals, these workouts seem to be great for building your strength, stamina, and lets not forget the whole reaching your fittest body aspect. the package comes with 10 dvds focusing on different workouts on each. apparently you burn up to 1,000 cals per hr; that's a bit intense for my liking, but you can obviously tone it down accordingly. watch the video, it's as intense as it sounds. well, to me at least.

the fact that it calls for your loyal commitment for 2 whole months makes me a little restless at the thought; that's practically a relationship. but if it's good, i'm sure you'll stay loyal. if you don't have time for the gym, yet want results give it a go. i have no doubt if you follow it and eat the right diet, you'll notice changes. might be worth it before summer!

i like to remind people that eating well and working out isn't only about how you look; i know people who hardly eat, living mainly on a diet of cigarettes and wine to reach their ideal figure of being thin. but i've learnt that i'd choose lean and fit over skinny any day; not only for how it looks, but more importantly how it makes you feel. the natural energetic high you have when you're on top of your game is constant and will always shine a positive light on everything around you.

xx penguina

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  1. I've checked out insanity! Hahaha but I had just started p90x which works great as well. Maybe I should give insanity a go now that gym use is more irregular.