May 15, 2012

not for the weak hearted

so, circuit factory... not sure how i feel about it. i'm not going to say it was easy but i'm also not going to say i needed to throw up either. i managed to get up at 7am to make the 8:30 class (i'm just proud of that alone). at first i was told it would be the hardest class because the sun was so strong. then at the end while i was panting, patting myself on the back for enduring the hardest class, and certain that i lost 3 kilos, i was told it wasn't hard at all. i was acting cool about that minor observation, but i can tell you i wasn't... very cool about it. after running outdoors under the dubai sun, which is really something i don't think i'll ever get accustomed to, we spent the rest of the time doing squats, lunges, burpees (who gave them that shitty name anyway yes i'm bitter) and running short distances. lets just say i considerED myself fit before class. very cute of me to think that. 
what did i feel right after? my throat hurt me, my arms were in pain, i had blisters on my feet, but i burnt over 600 calories (according to my polar watch) which is pretty good. i know i could have pushed myself more; that would have only been worth it at the time if i hated myself. i did have to take a couple mini breaks i won't lie, but despite my internal sobbing i was not ready to be THAT person who completely stops and makes everyone feel better about themselves for it. talk about egos outta the room. i'm sure the more i go i'll power through confidently. if i go... 

you should all give it a go at least once. happy monday fellow workout fanatics!

xx penguina


  1. Yayyyyy for uuuuu penguiniii. I'm so totally proud of u.

  2. Hahaha I don't know how I did it! I might stick to our Body Attack for now :p

  3. Well first of all .. congratulations n keep it up :D

    second of all .. you obviously wrote that on the 15th .. which is today morning ... so whats with the happy Monday !! it's Tuesday already haha ..

    breaaaathe in .. breaaathe out :D

  4. Hahahaahaha I just realized that!!! See even the thought of circuit factory disorients me. i need to breathe.

  5. haha after your next class (if ever happened) make sure you catch your breathe first .. mental stability .. inner peace haha .. then share your experience :D

    have a great dayy ..