May 6, 2012

random realizations

- today is a very sad day, as i've come to the realization that all the big red my good friend brought back from the States has finished. i'm feeling a little lost and uninterested in all other gum flavors, and life.
- something i love about working out really hard is that there's this moment when you feel like death and you're questioning what the point of life is, but if you just push yourself you completely overcome it. it's all minds play bitchesss. 
- i believe everyone should go on a spiritual journey at some point in their life. 
- glow in the dark face paint at parties is extremely underrated.
- i get a little too excited when it comes to books- i can't read just one at a time.
- tracy anderson's "abs and thigh" workout was painful and i better fricken see results.
- everyone should dance at least once a week. 
- guys who have more than 10 facebook profile photos of JUST their face frighten me. it's weird enough when girls do it.
- it's not easy to find witty charmers who bring forth challenging banter these days.
- i shouldn't spend more than $10 on my shades seeing as i'm notorious for losing them. 
- i hardly watch tv, but when i do, apple tv really enhances the moment. for me at least. 
- people need to stop asking me to cry on cue when they find out i'm an actor. i'll never understand why that's so intriguing anyway; i find an actor who is constantly crying not talented but rather very annoying.
- i truly love effortless friendships. can't say it enough times.
- i really want to watch the avengers.
- being called may during the month of may throws me a little off center; i keep hearing and seeing my name and you know when you say a word so much you start questioning if it's real? like ketchup. that's how i feel about my name: may, may, may, may, may. it's a strange feeling. 

i leave you on that note, and wish you a happy monday!

xx penguina


  1. this post really speaks to me.
    - i love big red and i used to feel that same sense of loss in london when my stocks of frozen manaeesh from my favourite bakery in saudi (BAHER) would start to get depleted. nothing teaches you restraint like depleting stocks of frozen baher manaeesh.
    - why is our relationship with the gym so complicated? it can get us pumped, make us feel nauseous, guilty, drained.. every spin class evokes a rollercoaster of emotion - u feel dread beforehand, like death during and like you've conquered Everest after.
    - stretching is the best thing in the world. after nutella.
    - i envy those who have the complacency to spend 7 out of their 25 day-a-year holiday entitlement on an isolated retreat on their own. i desperately crave it.
    - fun stamps at weddings are also extremely underrated
    - there are few things in life that make you feel like a kid again. capri sun and books are two of them. no place has the quiet dignity and elegance of a library or promises the infinite possibilities of a bookstore. there is a perfect book for everyone - nerds and non-nerds alike. u can get so lost in a book that u forget your own life, and you can get so immersed in life that u forget books. life sucks for getting in the way of reading. and reading rocks for distracting you from life.
    - the middle east is the wrong kind of dry. its a wit wasteland.
    - i just bought apple tv. i have a renewed enthusiasm for life... even though its still in the box.
    - i love effortless everything. spontaneity is king. people overthink and overprepare. it really sucks the fun out of everything.
    - why does that happen with words sometimes? you read and write them a million times in your life and then one day you look at 'necessary' and think, is that how its spelt? it looks weird. is it two 'c's? or just one?

    - i love u lots xxx

  2. hahaha, I love this post and I love Dalia's comments! Now I'm lost with what to comment on, so I'm just gonna second a few of both your random realizations.
    - First off, I LOVE BIG RED. I really wish they would sell it here already. I love that I've found someone that can appreciate it the way I do as well :)
    - Screw the gym and working out! AHHHH, the love/hate relationship I have with working out drives me insane. It's like I'm addicted to something I hate. Not sure how healthy that is. Oh, and I'm definitely going to try this abs and thighs work out. Get back to me on how that worked out for you.
    - Everyone should dance at least once a week - that needs to be a rule. Preferably at a beach party with glow in the dark face paint from noon until late night.
    - I really want to watch the avengers too! Shall we try that again?
    - Dalia, I hear you on the effortless everything. Spontaneity is awesome.
    - Finally, ever since reading how you feel about your name during this month, every time I hear your name I realize how weird it really must be. It already freaks me out and my name isn't May. But realizing how weird it is for you, I was wondering if my mother feels the same way..her name is May too :)Gonna have to ask her how she feels on this one...

    I LOVE YOU and your random realizations that keep me oh-so-entertained.