May 3, 2012

boys n girls: classic scenario

step 1: boy has his eye on girl.

step 2: girl remains reserved.

step 3: boy manipulates, demands, pushes, flatters, forgets about pride, wants all or nothing because he doesn't need another friend who's a girl in his life.

step 4: girl accepts with hesitation.

step 5: boy and girl enjoy being in a relationship for a week (MAX).

step 6: girl is convinced boy likes her and invests herself.

step 7: boy becomes less interested. (real boy: verbally makes it clear immediately. worthless child: distances himself to let her figure it out).

step 8: girl is confused.

step 9: boy is confused girl isn't interested in being friends.

(somehow Steps 6 - 9 manage to occur simultaneously in a span of a minute).

note: even if girl remains strong and reserved boy isn't happy and peaces out. how is this solved? it isn't. girl needs to learn to get over it until she finds boy who doesn't mess up step 7.

xx penguina


  1. this is making me laugh and cry. GOD, so true!

  2. I am not sure if I agree that the boy mess up step 7... she (both) needs to work more on maintaining his (each others) interests!

  3. From Personal Experience:

    Step 1: Girl has her eye on boy.

    Step 2: Boy is oblivious.

    Step 3: Girl tells her friends she is interested in Boy.

    Step 4: Girls friends tell Boy about her crush.

    Step 5: Boy is delighted and surprised that Girl likes him.

    Step 6: Boy and Girl enjoy being in a relationship for a short period.

    Step 7: Boy is convinced Girl likes him and invests himself.

    Step 8: Girl is not interested in investing and reacts to Boy's investment with loss of interest.

    Step 9: Instead of explaining her feelings to boy, Girl shuts down communication and distances herself.

    Step 10: Boy is confused and attempts to close the distance created by Girl.

    Step 11: Girl reacts by distancing herself further.

    Step 12: Relationship ends. Boy is confused and hurt as he realizes he has been used.

  4. I think most girls should be in that position rather than the other way around, thanks for sharing :)