May 16, 2012

getaway in fujeirah

last week i had family friends visiting from london who had some work in fujeirah, so we all decided to stay there to detox and relax. the detox lasted around three days for me; much better than expected. we spent our days tanning by the beach, working out, getting our nails done, indulging in massages and watching Game of Thrones. i honestly love massages; if i could get one daily i would be a much happier person. maybe then i'd enjoy them the whole way through rather than worry that they're coming to an end. even though our room was garnished daily with pastries, we ate fresh fruit, veggies, fish and drank a whole load of skinny bitches as per our detox... until i cracked with one of the brownies and it all went downhill from there. 
i've noticed that you can always expect a fresh splash of fruit and veggie along the road. for some reason when i'm on the beach, i always crave some crunchy, juicy, sweet watermelon. i love eating it with the skin attached so that i can suck the life out of the white part as well. 
my ingredients for a good tan: a hat, spf 30 and carrot sun oil. even though the weather was exceedingly humid, there was a pretty strong breeze so i didn't experience the impatient restlessness heat usually incites while tanning. i loved this beach specifically; the sand was clean, no stones etc, and the water was the perfect temperature to cool you down. 
how beautiful are palm trees?

i'm trying to experience the whole "living in the moment" thing and i noticed that one of the best ways on this trip was to avoid my ipod. rather than drown out the sounds around me of the crashing waves, wind and laughter, i enjoyed every ounce of them. i know that music enhances the moment, but i also find that it can easily take you to the past or future. better to avoid that when you want to appreciate where you are. 
you reach a point when driving to and from fujeirah where you're surrounded by mountains. i left to dubai around sunset and it was such a calming and beautiful drive. 

i hope you all get a chance to check fujeirah out sometime. the uae has a lot of little gems, you just have to look around for them xx

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