May 1, 2012

muslims: enter if you dare!

here at the grocery store you will find that there is a little animal farm action going on as our little porcine friend babe and his cousins get their own "special" section. you will also find a sign pointing out that it is for "non-muslims." i wasn't sure if this was some sort of friendly reminder to the lost muslim, a threat to any daring muslim, or a great way to make non-muslims feel welcome. WHAT IF I felt like perusing the different cuts in there.... i'm not supposed to feel paranoid in a grocery store.

xx penguina


  1. Is that fire thingy real?? haha

  2. Haha no.... I don't think people would respond too well to a room of pork with flames around it.

  3. hahahaha, hilarious!! I almost feel like it's there so that all the Muslims out there who don't eat pork don't accidentally buy pork. Not sure how that would happen, but I can foresee some really unhappy reactions to some idiot that would buy pork and not know it was pork.