May 2, 2012

beauty tip to the boys & girls

you meet someone, they're not too bad looking, or they're really good looking, either way you're really excited to get to know them, they open their mouths to talk.... and you really wish they didn't.

situation at hand: ugly teeth.

having ugly teeth is like having a permanent chunk of spinach... between your two front teeth. It's just awkward for the person you're talking to.

people really underestimate the power of teeth and the effect they have on our relationships. It's unfortunate to say the least to meet someone who doesn't care or know that they may as well be on mute because of the unavoidable distraction. It makes you question what else' their neglecting...

i'm not saying teeth have to look like a perfect line of white Chiclets, some character is nice, but character doesn't mean yellow-stained, or out of place... just clarifying.

if you've got the means, definitely prioritize your pearly whites, they weren't just made for munching.

xx penguina

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