December 12, 2011

Yet Another Article on Breakfast Ideas

This time it's about avoiding too much sugar! I came across this breakfast article and while at first I was annoyed to see another one, I realized they must keep showing up because people don't seem to understand the importance of a hearty breakfast. We don't know how to consider long term benefits very well do we.

Some rules for your breakfast: 
  • eat within an hour of waking to kick start your metabolism
  • make sure you have a good balance of proteins and fiber
  • avoid a pastry full of sugar or anything filled with sugar (it won't keep you feeling energetic or full long)

Here are some easy low-sugar ideas to alternate between throughout the week, check out Fit Sugar to get the exact recipes:

1. Yogurt, Granola, and Berries:
(I've been getting used to eating a lot of berries, they're the perfect snack and don't spike my blood sugar)

2. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with Almonds
(I'd go with steel cut oats as opposed to the instant types. You can make a batch and it should last a couple days)

3. Veggie Omelet
(I loooove eggs! I just don't always crave them for breakfast. I can eat them every day for brunch or dinner though)

4. English Muffin with Almond Butter and Pear
(ps. it's all about the Almond Butter, I actually read it's a better source of protein than Peanut Butter)

5. Cereal with Milk and Strawberries

I hope you find time in the morning to eat a good healthy breakfast, it'll only do well to your body and mind xx


  1. what about foul wu hommos wu falafel?

  2. I'd stick to Foul wu beid, ditch the hommos wu falafel! YUMMAY!