December 19, 2011

Pecha Kucha '11 @ the Pavilion

Pecha Kucha Saturday night was such a great turnout! Even though my nerves decided to get the best of me right before I went up (I have no clue why I confidently decided to present first), I started to freak out that I cheated the 20x20 format and that my presentation would seem a little self-absorbed. I think it turned out alright though and was fun sharing a video I shot on a whim two days before with my go-to person Mohammed Rahmo.

Anyway, I've been told you can pretty much share any message at Pecha Kucha, so even though I spoke about advice that has helped me along my journey as an actress, my overall message was that we should all be doing what we love, no matter how much work or discipline is required.

Everyone who presented had something interesting to share and I was SO happy to be up there with such a talented group. All in all a great mix of art, people, food, fishfayce, super music, beanbags, and just a great way to spend a Saturday night imo.

A huge thank you has to go to Yasmine Rasool who organized the whole event. She motivated all of us and it wouldn't have been what it was without her. If you ever need anything from the Pavilion, she's definitely your go-to person.

Here are some photos and a part of the video clip I presented xx

The catering was from The Palace and was delicious; fresh juicy burgers, and chicken shawarma. There was also a popcorn machine and an ice-cream stand. 
I didn't even need my jacket up there; oh nerves how you warm me up in no time.
Yes, it's awkward being up there watching yourself in front of an audience.
The audience was great, which always helps. 

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