December 13, 2011

"Abu Dhabi Tones down Xmas Decorations"

Last year's tree. I heard there were watches on it.

Thank God... 

Remember Abu Dhabi's nasty tree last year? For those of you who don't, it was in the Emirates Palace and it caused quite the stir. I'm one of those who lives by less is more, but unfortunately remain the minority here to those who believe more is more. When I say more we're talking about a "43-foot (13-metre) Christmas tree with ornaments that included gold, diamonds and sapphires" that costed around $11 million. I wish I could give that money to people who actually need it... like me.. to make movie magic. Luckily, they got the memo this year, and decorated their tree in a more simple fashion "with foil ornaments wrapped with cloth ribbons, and with custom-made balls designed to represent the country's former pearl trade."

[Emirates 24/7]

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