December 5, 2011

Hair Talk: To Bang or Not to Bang

Living in Boston was bliss because the weather was always kind, (humidity wise). The photo on the left is me two and a half years ago at a photoshoot in the North End, Boston. It was pretty freezing now that I think back, but it's sort of like, if my hair's happy, I'm happy. 

I've always been a huuge fan of bangs. Getting them is something that crosses my mind at least 3 times a week when I don't have them. Pretty much what I'm going through now. I know, you're probably thinking there are bigger problems to deal with. Well not when you have the curls I do. I believe mastering curly hair means you're practically capable of taking care of three babies, at once. 

At 25 years of age, I have a somewhat stable idea of what products work well with my hair, and I can predict what it'll look like in any climate. That's why in Dubai, the puff of frizz my hair enjoys forming into is not bang friendly, it's not really people friendly either. Good thing I've invested well in my friendships. Fyi the word frizz should never be used around someone with curly hair, it's not very nice. I remember I got called medusa when I was around twelve by my friend's older sister's friend. I remember the moment like it just happened. Damn right I'm scarred.

I'm trying this whole growing my bangs out out thing, which is great when I leave my hair curly. However now that it's winter and the weather is better, the temptation is getting stronger. Especially since I was always cutting my own bangs, so styling them can be done in say 10 minutes with a good pair of scissors. It doesn't help that I just obsessed over photos of celebrities with bangs I love. 

IF you have the tame and polite type of hair I sometimes wish I had (btw different types of hair should be given horoscopes as well) then I definitely think you should consider some funky bangs this winter season. 

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