December 15, 2011

Christmas Time Means Paying it Forward

I was excited to come across what seemed like a never ending row of loaves of bread at the Mall of Emirates. If I remember correctly, the type of bread is a German recipe, and is baked with dried fruit and dusted with powdered sugar. Tasty, but not really my cup of tea. Anyway, the point isn't to have a tasting station, it's for you to buy either a half or a full loaf, with the proceeds given to people with special needs. I'm not sure if it will be up every weekend, but keep an eye out. 

The photo above cracks me up a little cuz I have NO clue who that little girl is, she's even got the bent leg pose I'm doing going on too.
I only noticed all these happy bread givers because they'd suddenly start clapping and cheering every once in a while. I believe cheesiness can be accepted very rarely during the year. Christmas is undoubtedly one of those rarities.

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