December 6, 2011

Hello Olivia Palermo, I like your style

I remember really not liking Olivia Palermo on those rare occasions I'd watch The City; she came off quite bland and annoying. Then I recently saw some photos of her and she looks so sweet and well-styled. I've developed a mini girl crush. Love her hair short and darker - it suits her classy presence. (Was it even blonde before or did I make that up?)
I don't really know much about this socialite. I like to believe she lives life problem-free, looking pretty  around NYC with her handsome beau, Johannes Huebl. Who is he anyway? 


I actually really want that dress on the right. I've been looking for something similar with long sleeves and an open back for a while now. This one falls so delicately, and well, I want it.

This reminds me of that crisp, chilly weather that's just right. Cold enough to dress up in a cute coat, but warm enough to go for a stroll with a yummy chai to warm you up. 

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