December 19, 2011

TV Shows to Watch: Revenge

My roomie told me to start watching the show Revenge, so I decided to check it out. I've watched an episode and I'm hooked; be prepared for what seems like a modern day Count of Monte Cristo in the Hamptons..

I'm also a little obsessed with Joshua Bowman.

We would probably never get along considering the shirt he's wearing, but he's just really.. nice to look at. This photo doesn't do him justice though, you'll have to watch the first episode.

I also never thought much of Emily VanCamp in Brothers & Sisters, but I really like her in this show too. She's just got this monotone expression that's a reaction for everything, and I'm hoping it's meant to be that way.

I wouldn't mind having a house in the Hamptons, just without all the drama that seems to come with it. This show makes me filter the people there to abnormally rich charity givers who don't have much to do except look good while trying to convince everyone including themselves that they have the perfect family. I should probably watch more than one episode before making all these judgements.

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