August 12, 2012


"on the totem of chat, the lowest form of communication is facebook, followed by gchat, then texting, then email, then phone. face to face is, of course, ideal, but it's not of this time," - marnie, GIRLS.

one of the highlights of my weekend was a delicious dinner at heirloom cafe in the mission and then a cozy sleepover in the city at my family friend's apt. something i love about restaurants here is how they're so prepared to serve food for people who have food sensitivities (comme moi) so you always feel taken care of and #loved.

my family friend zeena, who never fails to impress, then introduced me to the progressive hbo show GIRLS by exec producer judd apatow (knocked up, 40 year old virgin, bridesmaids+) and i have to say i'm sorta kinda probably a little  obsessed with it. it's almost like sex & the city but better, minus the bling and geared towards girls in their early twenties (but you'll find it funny at any age imo). the acting is so raw and really sucks you in. just don't watch it with your parents cuz you know... they ain't with the timez. they'd consider it heresy and assume the worst, then lock you up and bury the key and all its copies in a putrid dugout somewhere in sinai.  well, maybe that's a bit extreme, but at least my dad would consider it. i'm just saying he doesn't need to be exposed. he once asked me if it's normal for a man to hold a woman's hand on a second date. "only if it went REALLY well," i replied in disgust as i turned my prude halo onto its high beams. 

watch it, i guarantee you'll laugh.


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