August 13, 2012

LISTEN TO ME: soley - pretty face

will you be my friend in my dream,
take that pretty face off surely.


i love getting music recommendations from people who follow my tea party, we're always on the same page. merci :) 



  1. Here is another one :) I have had it on repeat since yesterday! It is heaven sent.

    I hope you make it to Paris, it is enchanting! I am also going to Turkey for another project from October until January cant wait. If I am ever in Dubai I will let you know if you happen to be there. PS: My name is Dana Naja. We have friends in common too :) 6 of them.

  2. ahhh i love nouvelle vague, i used to be obsessed with that one too, it's got this woooozy happy feel to it :p What do you work as? Your job sounds pretty cool and a great way to live! Hay haay 6 is pretty cool :) Where are you from? definitely let me know when you're in Dubai!