August 5, 2012

auntie me!! :)

what did i do 12 days ago? just witnessed my first ever delivery a meter away from me. no biggie. dearest nephew, as handsome as you already are, it wasn't your most flattering moment. i loved you still. i have to say that my sister-in-law (adriana) was SUCH a trooper and a stunning trooper at that. is anything subtle in movies? well, let's not forget to give thanks to pain killers - i'm sure someone is saying that on a millisecond basis. apparently a piece of advice adri didn't forget before delivering was to get a manicure"who wants chipped nails in all the photos." is that the worst of it, nails?! i didn't think anything would help the hot mess we'd be after popping a baby out. actually, i thought THAT would be the one time we'd be excused from the extracurricular grooming we're ever so faithful to. apparently not. #takenotegirls.
meet zayd... i know what it looks like, but sleeping means he's VERY happy! (not bored)

to those of you who have yet to experience being an aunt/uncle, i'm really excited for you. to all of you who have, THIS IS AMAZING and life at its purest and finest, and at a priceless cost (if you watch it!) well, the cost of adri's discomfort, but she's forgotten the pain (somewhat).

for anyone who knows the calamawy family, you wouldn't be surprised to know that there have been at least three professional cameras snapping at the baby from all directions; he can hardly keep his eyes open with all the flashes going off. hopefully he doesn't get used to too much attention growing up, we already know how much leos need it to begin with :) it's gonna be hard not to spoil him....
look at his day old fingers!!

all i can say is that it's undoubtedly a different experience for everyone. i really got thrown onto life's most intense roller coaster this year - watching the last breath of an irreplaceable best friend to witnessing the very first of a little angel. tragic and surreal, i love it all together. i dunno. if that sounds too deep or a bit too much to stomach, all i can say is when you DO witness what life and the lack of it means with your own eyes, it'll sound relatively standard. an "ah, yes" been-there-done-that-got-the-t-shirt moment of recollection.

now for the cheesy part, cuz let's face it, you can't write about a new life without adding some mush (note: not for those with poor digestion). regardless of how much or little you've experienced, just enjoy and appreciate EVERY moment of your precious life and the people you care about most. take nothing for granted. seriously. you still will, i know. after all, taking things for granted is what us humans excel in. but life is truly beautiful, even after that damn bird decides to shit on your newly washed car. BEING GRATEFUL means nothing else really matters - like a muscle you need to build, it becomes habitual. keep it real yo.



  1. mabrook mabrook to all of you! great post, well written and even though i'm not one for mush i really enjoyed reading it :).

    1. Thank you sooooo much! I'm really happy to hear that, I'm very sensitive to overflowing cheese too so i'm glad i didn't push it there lol. ps are you in nyc?