August 19, 2012

le week-end: a simple day in sausalito

my family and i decided to spend a day in sausalito since, well, it's something different to do. we had to cross the golden gate bridge to get there and despite the otherwise sunny skies, the fog creeping over parts of the bridge was like watching a time lapse at such a high frame rate. it looked unreal. it felt like driving into winter then back into summer - you couldn't even see the entire bridge! apparently this is normal for san fran and i need to just chill out... well maybe some people get excited by the collection of liquid droplets suspended in the air near our surface i dunno.
meet sausalito. the very charming san francisco bay area city population around 7,136. you'll find cafes/ restaurants and boutique stores/hotels to spend the day mingling around. most of the places are family owned; i can imagine that a lot of the houses have been passed down for generations. with a reputation as a "wealthy and artistic enclave, a picturesque residential community" it's a spot you should want to explore. i can't say i wasn't bitter driving around between the houses wishing i had one there... i'm still feeling bitter and i hope parking isn't easy for them.
we explored sausalito a year ago and drove by these rocks stacked on top of each other. apparently there was a guy "balancing" them. we had a good laugh at him and the tourists who fell for it. this time we decided to feed our amusement some more and get a closer look.

we asked the "artist" to do his thang and believe it or not he ACTUALLY balanced the rocks on top of each other! he even beat them at the end with a stick!!! (not very modest about his talent if you ask me). the balancing act didn't happen without a struggle so i have to say we were left awe struck and scared. who is this guy and what's his secret?? tres sketch.... 
this big (literally) guy was just hanging out and i couldn't help but show some love. he wasn't interested in the bonding sesh i was going for. is that what happens to dogs when they're 11 years old? it's not me cuz dogs love me. he's DEFINITELY going through something (probably indegestion)....  basically not the best moment for my ego but whatever, he's probably focusing on how to get a drop of pee out of him. no, i clearly don't take rejection from animals very well.

all in all, a fun and light way to spend the day. note: if you ever head out there make sure you take a jacket, the weather's a bit premenstrual. 


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