August 9, 2012

TGITW: be artistic

i remember in uni my roommate had what i'd call a severe, slightly scary, mind controlling addiction to pens. z, don't even deny it. i would worry whenever she'd go to staples alone and in the case that she did, someone had to monitor closely. if you needed a pen in any shape color or form, chez zaina et may was the place to go to. 

i DON'T have that same problem, but during my trip to costco i was mesmerized as always walking through the aisles of bulk that i would only think to buy if i had to stock my dream underground safe-house to shelter me from the ash of an erupting volcano. (whew!) what i was most attracted to were these sharpies! you can never have enough sharpies -it's a general rule of thumb you should live by. they write on ANY surface, and that's besides the fact that this pack comes in nearly ever color of the rainbow. i still enjoy making cds for friends, so these pens are definitely my tool for design. i'm currently looking for any reason to use every single color. they should probably keep the baby away from me....

have a great weekend! 


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