August 8, 2012

LISTEN TO ME: ludovico einaudi - divenire

i want to watch this live. isn't it beautiful? not taking any 'no's.



  1. Hey May! It is me again :)

    Here are a few songs from my playlist that I think you will enjoy:

    Mogwai- Take me somewhere nice
    Bombay bicycles- you already know
    Breathe me-Sia
    Emilie and the woods- steal his heart
    The paper kites- Bloom
    Citizens- Reptile
    Citizens- True Romance
    The honey trees- to be with you
    Everclear- Local God (cant recall how many times I listened to this full volume while driving like a crazy person)
    Peter bjorn and john- young folks
    Radiohead- Talk show host (I could die listening to this song! Radiohead in general are music gods)
    Radiohead- Karma Police (there isnt a song for radiohead that I dont love)
    Kimbra- Settle down
    Kimbra- Cameo lover (fresh and upbeat)
    Awolnation- Sail
    Pink floyd- Comfortably numb (PF are my teenage years! I am not old, I am 25 but my taste is a bit vintage)
    Massive attack- group four (they rock anything you listen for these guys you will love: listen while reading a nice book)
    Massive Attack- Paradise circus
    Flight facilities- crave you feat giselle (I cant get enough of that beat! and that french delicatesse)
    Flight facilities- foreign language
    Trembling blue stars- never loved you more

    It might take you some time to go through them though. Some of them you might already know. Music has that same effect on me. I listen to it while at work, gym, everywhere!

    PS: I also relate to the animal lover guest of yours: I have 3 dogs, 5 cats and 2 monkeys living with me now and a horse at the ranch. I sometimes feel I love them more than some people :D especially the horse.. I think if I were to come to your tea party I'd be the one with messy hair (tied in a bun or smtg), a horse riding gear (rolling stones t shirt) and a monkey on my shoulder :p


    1. Oooh I'm so excited to listen to these!! Thank you. actually I only know a couple - radiohead/peter bjorn/flight facilities and i love them all too. so where do you live? oh yeah animals are some of the best company minus all the drama lol. my hair is ALWAYS messily tied in a bun so no shame there :) i would welcome you to the party with arms wide open if you come like that so it's all good!

  2. Thanks!! I hope you like all the songs :) lemme know.. I live in Dubai but I travel a lot for work so I am rarely ever there.. Right now, I am in Paris for a pretty long project so I am enjoying that!

    1. No way, who are you, how have we not met lol (i'm always under the impression that dxb is an ant hole... a small one). Oooh i wish i could work in Paris, going there next year for a couple months hopefully :p good luck with your project!