August 5, 2012

love me some california sun!

one of the things i've been doing regularly is enjoying the outdoors. it's something i'm seriously gonna miss when i leave (if i decide to ever return). my bro and i decided to drag take my dad for a walk; not easy - he generally considers a light stroll what most people would consider 3 hours of bootcamp back to back. he actually thinks we're trying to torture him by making him workout a little, so he brings his camera to "stop for photos" every once in a while (which is quite regular). you don't fool me dad...
 i had imagined this to look like one of those posters advertising spirituality in your typical yogi tree pose. it didn't work out for me, instead i give you a very awkward stand, i call it the awkward pensive stand.
 check out the stillness of the water. definitely the right place to reflect on life minus my obnoxious laughter and all our annoying photo-taking. 
meet my bro t, i'm spending time with him and his wifey in palo alto. now that they just got a baby it's gonna be MUCH harder for me to leave. (is that right, just "got" a baby? makes it sound like they just bought him from bed bath & beyond). hmm... anyway, i'd say this photo perfectly describes us, except for that "ready-to-charge" look he's going for. he's actually quite friendly... when he's well fed :p


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  1. U seem to have a great spirit! Single?