August 7, 2012

le week-end: food worth mentioning

last friday i went out to a lunch worth mentioning with my family and family friends. not only was the restaurant a great success, it was baby zayd's first day out somewhere other than the hospital ie. a VERY special outing. we ate at madera in the charming rosewood hotel, "nestled amid 16 pristine acres in silicone valley." the resto gives off that warm winter lodge-esque kinda feel featuring a large fireplace and an artisan wood-burning open kitchen that mesmerizes anyone with all the yummy aromas that dance in the air. we sat outside and had a picturesque view to indulge in, which enhanced the whole experience!
 i went for the mussels to start, i'd say they were acceptable; not the best i've had, but definitely worth finishing. my main was a tuna nicoise that hit the spot. according to the others, the tomato basil soup, and lobster rolls were scrumptious! california is rich in agriculture so you generally find more local produce, which is why it's so fresh!
  i think this was around the time when the photo-taking needed to calm down and i had exhausted my posing abilities. check out how unpredictable the weather  is though. one second the suns burning your skin, the next you better have a good jacket handy to bundle up with. i was shocked/jealous to see people swimming and splashing around in the pool. after 5 years in boston, the 3 years spent in the uae have destroyed my tolerance to cold weather. not happy.
zayd sleeping cozily in his badass bassinet. he was so well-behaved, until he got hungry and made sure to let everyone know. cute little nugget.


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