April 24, 2012

sing it

But don't ever question if my heart beats only for you, it beats only for you.

what a voice. i haven't heard that many songs by emeli sande, but the ones i've heard are pretty powerful. this one can probably sing about a hairball and make everyone sing along with all their heart and soul. she's one of those. there's something so therapeutic about singing your heart out, granted that you're not hurting your throat. i hope you all belt it out in your cars/showers/wherever as long as you're not that annoying person who does it in front of everyone cuz you think you have such an amazing voice and no one ever tells you you don't. painful. i vouch for the shower, it always sounds so good in there, until you stop the water and your confidence trickles down the drain. i'm so deep.

happy tuesday songbirds :)

xx penguina

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