April 16, 2012

random realizations

who else would it be?

  • i think absofuckinlutely is such a fulfilling word and wish it was used in the professional world.
  • i think everyone should do reiki.
  • i'm so excited summers coming up. like abnormally excited. 
    • very disappointed i have yet to hug a penguin at the mall.
    • i'm honestly a little confused/hurt that one of my guy friends was shocked that i know how to drive.. what exactly does that imply?
    • i need to stay put in abu dhabi for a while seeing as when i decided i'd for once go early to my trainer, i realized i was driving to dubai instead... cue pixies "where is my mind." needless to say, i was late; story of my life.
    • if a taxi beeps at me again the MILLISECOND the light turns green i'm just not gonna move. 
    • a lot of people in the middle east need to realize eating healthy isn't about weight loss, but maintaining the utmost energy throughout the day, having great skin and much more i.e. always looking and feeling young and fresh.
    • getting your nails done with friends is such a great way to catch up when you hardly have time to. especially to talk about all the guys you've hooked up with recently. NOT. that sort of behavior does not happen in any Arab country. no really, it hardly does; the guy pool is too shallow.
    • it feels SO good to leave a facebook group that's constantly sending notifications. i don't think i care enough to be part of it if i just turn them off. 
    • DON'T tan until a previous sunburn is fully recovered. it's not a pretty sight and it involves little water bubbles under the skin. 
    • driving from ad to dxb is vicious in the fast lane. i'm pretty sure everyone's theme song is luda's MOVE BITCH.
    • i think jones the grocer can afford to add a couple more salads to their menu.
    • it's been a while since i've had some really good sangria...
    happy tuesday!

    xx penguina


    1. i love you and all your random realizations!!
      - Totally agree and would be equally hurt/disappointed if any of my guy friends were shocked that I can drive, what world are we living in!?
      - I would totally be the person to beep at you at a green light. After living in Beirut, let's just say my patience level on the road is close to nonexistent..that includes the MOVE BITCH on the fast lane...
      - Finally, would love it if Jones the Grocer added new salads, love that place!!

    2. Hahaha but the thing is I'm not even one of those demanding girls who would need to be driven around ... so I must just look inept. lol i can't wait to see you drive in beirut it's gonna be so entertaining. I LOVE YOU!!!