April 29, 2012

random realizations

  • my phone for sure has started to think falling on the ground is a sign of endearment from me. as much as i want an iPhone i'm so scared it won't withstand my harassment.
  • switching between the 3 lanes to ad makes the trip so much more exciting. oh and getting pulled over by the popo.
  • people need to stop skimming off the top - you know you're gonna eat it all. just enjoy every bite.
  • you know you're out of it when you ask someone if they have toilet paper instead of nail polish remover and only realize after they reply "umm yeah a couple rolls, why?"
  • do NOT drink a liter and a half of water then drive to dubai in a short dress. just don't.
  • whys the girl always the bitch?
  • mosquitos must enjoy my blood a lil too much (i say this with a puffed eye and face from 14 awkward bites).
  • nutella makes everything better, and worse.
  • i will soon find that all of my money has gone to baker & spice.
  • that uncomfortable moment someone remembers me and i have no recollection of ever meeting them happens way too often. 
  • tans make everyone look much more fit
xx penguina

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