April 8, 2012

mashup your life

i hope you all had a stunning weekend. i spent mine catching up with friends who are visiting (there's always someone visiting) and studying for my french exam while my dad painted my walls. it was supposed to be a joint effort; i failed at making that happen of course. i also realized that the paint on my wall looks nothing like it did in the store... i also don't enjoy eating at Hakkasan. love the bar, but not so much a fan of the food. i finally checked out the hiltonia sports club, which i haven't visited in ages. it feels good to be part of a gym again; at least the thought makes me feel more fit. i need some major toning up before i consider looking at a bikini. taebo definitely raped my ass though. i need to find dance classes here, abu dhabi's gotta have some somewhere. 

i feel like it'll be the last relatively nice weekend before it becomes unbearably hot. i'm trying to stay positive and think of the great tan i'll be getting; but the thought of all that lovely sweating and needing to shower more than three times a day doesn't give me any comfort. something tells me i'll be escaping all of july + august this year. anywho, i'm off to dxb for a wardrobe fitting, let's hope this week flies by :)
happy sunday! ps. isn't this such a good mashup?!

xx penguina

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