December 26, 2009

Need Some Friends? Try Bahrain :)

Apparently Bahrain made it to #1 on the world's Friendliest Countries list. The data was found by "The Expat Explorer Survey" done by HSBC Bank International.... if that even matters. I don't really find that too hard to believe, the only thing I think of when Bahrain comes to mind is the friendly social life everyone is part of. Then again, considering it's about one sixteenth of a freckle on a zoomed in map, it's size and lack of EXTRA exciting things to do at all times (I know, I know it's getting better) makes a social life necessary for survival.

The rest of the list is:

#2 Canada
#3 Australia
#4 Thailand
#5 Malaysia
#6 South Africa
#7 Hong Kong
#8 Singapore
#9 Spain
#10 USA

Apparently "the UAE received some of the poorest scores on the integration scale" alongside the UK...  that's just perfect...

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