December 5, 2009

Gold Class vs. Regular Cinema ie village

Last week I had the opportunity of watching New Moon (is anything else showing?) in two completely different theatres, and honestly feel like it wasn’t the same film. First in Gold Class and second in a regular cinema. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Gold Class “option” means that you basically pay around $26 for a ticket but get an exclusive experience and sit in a theatre filled with lazy boys. Before entering the theatre you have the option of ordering the regular confectionary goods or actual meals/ latte/ iced coffee/ tea style. The theatre obviously cannot take as many people as a regular cinema, which is great. You get served your order as the previews go up and if you need anything else throughout the film you can press a button on your chair and a waiter will come. It’s pretty much amazing onwards because even if the film sucks you can snooze comfily…. I was tempted to sleep. Of course considering I had been counting down the days to New Moon I didn’t let myself give in to dreamland.

Second, the regular cinema. It started off on a great note with some kid bumping my latte out of my hand. At least he picked it up after it fell all over the side his thob. After the Gold Class experience, I felt like I was watching it with villagers. I don’t know why 90% of the viewers took it upon themselves to quiet down the crowd… it got to the point where it sounded like a helicopter was landing on top of us.

People were talking throughout the whole film and would cheer whenever Edward and Bella kissed. Is that really necessary? At one point when Jacob tried to kiss Bella (yeah I’m just assuming you watched it) and she moved away some guy actually yelled out “you should be thankful!!” #1, I’m not sure what gave him the impression he was at home. #2, the fact that he was actually giving a frustrated opinion during New Moon made me question his sanity… and my safety. #3 you’d honestly think the girls would be the ones who were more involved. I guess guys here in the UAE share soft spots to rejected werewolves. That’s fine. He clearly didn’t get the memo that it’s just a movie though. To add to the embarrassment, viewers would randomly scream at different moments and somehow that would be hilarious. People can be so daring when the lights are out.

I don’t think I’m going to shell out $26 every time I go to the cinema, so if it’s Gold Class or the village I think I’ll wait till movies are out on DVD…unless it's something good... you know... NOT Harry Potter or any other Twilight film :p

As for the movie, to start off with reaaally subtle with the full moon in the beginning. The second book was my least favorite, but I think the movie did it justice. It’s great to see all the amazing visual effects they were able to use with the higher budget. Thank God Jacob ditched the wig. And I don’t hate Kristen Stewart, sure I’m a little jealous she’s involved in such a cool franchise but if Bella’s supposed to be a really haunted person then she fits the role perfectly, even with her weird breathy reactions and awkward arm movements. Does anyone else think Edward’s nipples are a little questionable? Also I do think a bit more reaction from some of the characters wouldn’t have hurt. How normal is it that Jacob can just bounce effortlessly into Bella’s room before she knows he’s a werewolf? And Edward could have been a tad bit happier she trekked out to Italy in what seemed like a minute to save him. Just maybe. Does anyone else think Jasper gets way too little credit? Love him.  

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